Our Services

Our experimental facilities comprise a variety of equipment for the determination of pure component and mixture properties (vapor pressure, density, excess volume, heat capacity, heat of mixing, speed of sound, viscosity, thermal conductivity, surface tension etc.), phase equilibria like vapor-liquid equilibria (VLE), gas solubility (Henry coefficient), azeotropic data, activity coefficient at infinite dilution, liquid-liquid equilibria (LLE), solid-liquid equilibria (SLE), etc., and kinetic data. The choice between static or dynamic, synthetic or analytic, batch or flow apparatus allows us to apply the most suitable technique for a given problem (pressure and temperature range, nature of the compounds and their mixtures). Our service claims to provide our customers with the most reliable data in a short time, depending on the extent of the demand. Absolute secrecy can be guaranteed; this is often necessary, especially during the development of new processes. Our overview of the thermophysical data available worldwide and of experimental methods published in primary journals is almost complete, since the researchers at LTP have full excess to the Dortmund Data Bank. As LTP is an associate institute of the University of Oldenburg there is close contact to newest developments in thermodynamics and other thermophysical issues.

Our customers`requests are answered with detailed proposals or quotations reflecting the nature and availability of chemicals, the time and budgets required, and complexity of the measurements. Please feel free to contact us.