The LTP GmbH

The Laboratory for Thermophysical Properties was founded as an independent research organization in 1999. Our expertise in the field of industrial chemical engineering, chemical thermodynamics, and reaction engineering is based on longtime experience in consulting for a large number of companies. The priority of LTP GmbH is the experimental determination of thermophysical properties of pure compounds and mixtures, as they are required for the design, simulation and optimization of industrial separation and conversion processes. Most of the desired properties can be determined precisely using classical experimental techniques, or with the help of sophisticated new computer driven equipment.
On request you will receive a proposal and a quotation depending on the nature and availability of chemicals, the time and investments required, and complexity of the measurements. You are invited to contact us.
       The LTP Manager
Here you will get some facts about LTP, about our secrecy and safety policies, our partners, and of course about us.