Material Stability and Material Conversion at Extreme Conditions

While LTP has a long term experience in the determination of thermo physical properties, the fields of material stability or material conversation as related research areas became more and more important in the last years. Typical customers are engineering companies, chemical producers, or oil and gas industry.

Some examples of test work already done at LTP for material stability or material conversion at extreme conditions:

  • corrosion behavior of metal in presence of specified gas and or liquid mixtures
  • stability of chemicals (pure or mixtures) at elevated temperatures
  • high temperature stability tests for possible solar heat fluids or hydraulic oils
  • conversion of organic raw materials in presence of e.g. water, ammonia, carbon dioxide at near or supercritical conditions 

LTP has a variety of possible pressure cells for a broad range of test temperatures from about –100 °C up to more than 600 °C and pressures up to 400 bar. Some cells are equipped with windows for visual observations or online/offline analysis.


Material stability and conversion experiment