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05/2020: Dr. Jürgen Gmehling won the Donald L. Katz award 2020

Dr. Jürgen Gmehling, won the Donald L. Katz award 2020 of the GPA Midstream Association. Dr. Gmehling was founder and from 1999 until his retirement 2010 managing director of LTP GmbH. For further details please visit the page of GPA Midstream.


04/2019: New Edition: 'Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation'

The new edition of the textbook 'Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation' is now available. The book covers a wide variety of topics required for the application of thermodynamics for process development, design and simulation. Especially typical pitfalls and ranges of applicability and reliability of the commonly used model are discussed and demonstrated with the help of numerous examples.
More complicated problems are solved using e.g. the software MathCAD or the free DDBSP Explorer Edition.
For further details and inquires please visit the page of Wiley-VCH.


01/2018: LTP and DDBST improved their involvement

With the beginning of 2018 the owners and managers of LTP, Dr. Andreas Grybat, Dr. Christian Ihmels, and Dr. Sven Horstmann, are also involved in the management of the DDBST GmbH. This enhanced involvement of DDBST and LTP result in an improved service in the fields of thermophysical property data, consulting and supply, from literature data over experimental determinations to prediction methods.


10/2017: LTP Works Outing 2017: Segway Tour Around the lake Zwischenahner Meer near Oldenburg

An interesting mobility device, much nature and much more fun ... the LTP team did a 3-hour, 10 km Segway tour around the Zwischenahner Meer and finished the day with delicious dining in Oldenburg.

Much fun with the Segway The LTP Segway team LTP and a old wind mill


10/2015: LTP Works Outing Weekend 2015 in Milan (Italy)

Sightseeing, shopping, dining... the LTP team did it for an exciting October weekend in Milan. Quite impressive was the view from the roof of the Milan Cathedral.

View from the roof of Milan Cahtedral Flower shop in Milan Impression of Milan


06/2014: Material Stability and Material Conversion at Extreme Conditions

While LTP has a long term experience in the determination of thermo physical properties, the fields of material stability or material conversation as related research areas became more and more important in the last years. Typical customers are engineering companies, chemical producers, or oil and gas industry. More information...


09/2012: Emil Kirschbaum-Medal granted to Prof. Dr. Gmehling

The Emil Kirschbaum-Medal is granted to Prof. Dr. Gmehling in the course of the ProcessNet annual meeting 2012 in Karlsruhe.


05/2012: LTP Works Outing Weekend 2012 in Porto (Portugal)

For an extended weekend the impressive historical city of Porto was conquered by the LTP team. Delicious food (e.g., taste the veal steak at the famous rustic Chez Lapin restaurant), pleasant to the taste port vine (LTP favorite: Noval LBV) or the Super Bock (a really good Portuguese beer), some sightseeing tours (from Atlantic beach to the patterned wall tiles in Porto city) and much fun made this trip unforgettable.

View on the Douro river The LTP team at the Atlantic beach of Porto View on the historical city of Porto


12/2011: LTP Christmas dinner 2011

The LTP Christmas dinner 2011 took place in the starred gourmet restaurant Apicius at the lake Zwischenahner Meer. An exquisite 5-course meal, finally ended in 8 courses and 4 hours, enchanted us (see below for examples of the courses). After a busy year the team had a festive start in the pre-Christmas period.

Eel - Egg - Beetroot - Apple Zander - Cabbage - Potato - Truffle Curd - Lemon - Caramel - Fig


06/2011: LTP Works Outing 2010 in 2011: Up In The Air

Windy and rainy weather hindered the LTP stuff to balloon end of 2010. Therefore the event was delayed to 2011. Beginning of June 2011 the LTP staff ballooned on a nice slightly windy afternoon into the sky over the countryside of Oldenburg. It was again a nice LTP event and an awesome experience for all participants. Unfortunately, the ballooning time was too short…

Start the engines... Up in the air... Over the countryside of Oldenburg


02/2011: LTP is a NineSigma Contract Winner

LTP is a NineSigma Contract Winner for a thermodynamic research project on working fluid properties.


01/2011: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gmehling resigned from managing director position at LTP

In the course of his retirement as professor at the University of Oldenburg Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gmehling has resigned as managing director at the end of 2010. He was co-founder and for more than a decade leader and co-leader of LTP. Prof. Gmehling will still be active for LTP in the advisory board for scientific, technical, and business issues. As managing directors of LTP Dr. Andreas Grybat, Dr. Sven Horstmann, and Dr. Christian Ihmels are active since 2008. Therefore, there will be no change of the operative business at LTP.


12/2010: LTP invests in new equipment to broaden its experimental facilities.

In 2009 a magnetic suspension balance for vapor-liquid density measurements with optional direct GC sampling was developed. Between 2008 and 2010 six new static-synthetic devices were assembled, especially to cover the increasing demand for gas solubility measurements.

In 2010 LTP bought a Setaram C 80 calorimeter for temperatures up to 300 °C, an Anton Paar rotation viscometer RheolabQC for viscosity and rheology measurements and a flow calorimeter for enthalpy of mixing and absorption measurements. Also some new analytic devices like a Agilent GC-MS system and a photometer were purchased in 2010.


11/2010: Gmelin-Beilstein Denkmünze (Medal)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gmehling, managing director and co-owner of the LTP GmbH, has received the Gmelin-Beilstein Denkmünze (Medal) from Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), the German Chemical Society. See the homepage of his university work group and also an article in the Hunte Report newspaper.